traumatraumafuck: Prince Aikka bowing (bowing)
Tophie ([personal profile] traumatraumafuck) wrote2014-05-27 05:11 am

ah, communication

A lot of my general chatter has moved to plurk. Bit weird how that happened. I still remember it took me a year from when I made my plurk to actually start using it semi-regularly. Now any time I want to talk with my friends, co-mods, cr, or anyone else, I immediately go to plurk. Hardly anyone seems to use AIM anymore, and multiple times I've tried using plurk "html" on AIM. At least I'm not the only one.

But now I must away to bed, it's getting far too late. Silly sun, stay below the horizon another hour, won't you? Oh well.

Also, one last note. I've finally started posting my icons over here on [community profile] icontea. It only took me four years hahahaha...

Good night!

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